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Organisational Structures

Associations may be incorporated under various structures such as the Companies Act, by Royal Charter or



The governing body is entrusted to govern and, funds permitting, to appoint a CEO to manage the association.

Judge's Gavel on Books


Whilst being subject to common law and legislation, it is the constitution that defines objects, who can be members, their voting rights

Organizational structures


Membership Structures

Whilst membership has no commercial or sale value, members play a crucial role in governance:

Book of Laws

Association Mergers and Amalgamations

Associations sometimes realise their future may be stronger through merger or amalgamation with another entity.

Business Meeting

Board Composition

How boards are elected, appointed, structured or removed is crucial to all associations, including the mix between elected



Many associations only pay income tax on profit from non-member income and some associations are income tax-exempt due to their specific purpose

Team Meeting

Conducting General Meetings

Members usually have a voice in the conduct of their association only once per year at an Annual General Meeting.



An array of matters in an association require policies as a base to guide operations. Issues such as privacy,

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Strategic Planning Facilitation

Good plans are vital to ensuring that an association has a clear mission, outlined pillars and measurable activities.

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