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About Us

Governology was established in Australia in 2022 and expanded to the United Kingdom in 2024. It is a business focused on governance of associations, charities, and other not-for-profit membership bodies.

The founder of Governology, John Peacock, established Associations Forum, a major network of associations and charities, in 2004. From the experience of assisting many hundreds of not-for-profits through training, information and research, the need for a consultancy dedicated to working on major governance change projects emerged.

Governology assists client associations on matters such as governance reviews, Board training, mergers and drafts practical and relevant constitutions.

The firm is a registered law firm in Australia and will seek this status in the United Kingdom. Key members of the team who are lawyers with extensive association experience include Dominic Cudmore, Kathy Nguyen, and Tom Cadman.

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