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Associations Conference London

How a for-purpose entity is structured and governed is the foundation for success. Attendees will gain from hearing first-hand case studies from current association leaders and sector advisors.

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8.30am Registrations open


9.00am Welcome to Associations Conference London

In his role as Chair of this conference, John Peacock – who has 35 years of association management and governance experience - will briefly address:

  • Foundation in 2004 of Governology’s founding organisation

  • Reason for holding an event focused on structure and governance

  • Thanks to sponsoring organisations and other supporters

  • How Governology can assist associations in UK and beyond

John Peacock AM, Director, Governology

9.10am Association of Anaesthetists’ structure and governance reform – the story to date

Association of Anaesthetists represents the life-changing, life-saving profession of anaesthesia with a worldwide community of over 10,000 members. CEO Nicky de Beer will share the association’s governance journey to date, including:

  • Value of an independent, wide-ranging Governance Review

  • Reviewing our legal structure 

  • Board size, committee structure and succession planning

  • Next steps: finalising Board proposals and taking the proposals  to the members

  • Aligning our governance   to our new strategy

Nicky de Beer, Chief Executive, Association of Anaesthetists

9.35am Sponsor address – ReadyMembership

Alex Skinner, Chief Executive, Pixl8

9.40am Clarity on association structures and value of a Company Secretary

Tom Cadman is a solicitor with over 15 years of experience specialising in advising associations and charities includes serving as the Deputy Director General of a Chartered Institute, Company Secretary to two charities and a listed company, and charity trustee. With this experience, he will present on:

  • Mutual structures: members not shareholders – and never a dividend

  • Defining associations, professional bodies, learned societies, Royal charters, charities, companies limited by guarantee and others

  • Regulation via Companies House and Charities Commission 

  • The vital role of a professional Company Secretary

  • Taxation of mutual entities

Tom Cadman, Director, Governology

10.00am Sponsor address - True Synergy/Nectar Creative

Lily Callaway, True Synergy / Nectar Creative

10.05am Transforming a traditional AusIMM into a contemporary and relevant global member organisation

AusIMM’s Stephen Durkin is a qualified civil engineer, worked in banking, and has become a dynamic association leader. Stephen will discuss:

  • Lessons from running two major association of professionals

  • Implementing transformational changes as a new CEO in a membership body established in 1893

  • How an Australian association now has members in 100 nations

  • Revitalising member services and being bold – all with Board support

  • Boosting outcomes through international connections.

Stephen Durkin, Chief Executive, Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


11.00am IFT: case study of an American-based worldwide association changing its governance

Institute of Food Technologists is an international scientific society of professionals in food science, food technology, and related areas in academia, government and industry. IFT has 11,000 members from 90 countries and its Annual Expo is attended by 18,000 people. Christie Tarantino-Dean, CEO for 10 years, will discuss:

  • IFT’s governance restructure in recent years

  • Moving away from popular election of the Board

  • Leadership Development Committee to replace Nominations and Elections Committee – and securing 

  • Choosing a slate of candidates running together

  • Can the slate be challenged by the membership?

  • How popular - or unpopular - was this major governance change?

  • Top notch staff and reasons for seeking a Chief Operating Officer

Christie Tarantino-Dean, Chief Executive, Institute of Food Technologists (Pre-recorded interview from Chicago USA)

11.20am Biometrics Institute: from work-station start-up to global recognition in 20 years

From a start-up small association in Sydney in 2001, London-based Biometrics Institute has developed a highly regarded global community recognised by UN and EU. CEO Isabelle Moeller, who started as a temporary short-term staffer, will discuss:

  • The importance of the Mission, good governances, processes – and data entry!

  • Biometrics Institute members, their voting rights and what they really want

  • Moving from an event-organising association into a best practice leadership body

  • Love financial management: the budget is the guide - the P&L tells the real story

  • Great teams are essential - and how being “best friends” diminishes outcomes

  • Strengthening the brand through communication and being a prominent voice

  • Staying focused yet agile and adaptable as you grow.

Isabelle Moeller, Chief Executive Officer, Biometrics Institute

11.45am Driving the health & welfare of the world's pets and their veterinarians via global association: the WSAVA story

UK-based Richard Casey and his worldwide Board support veterinarians to assist companion animals. Richard will share how and why WSAVA is developing, including:

  • Global activities and collaboration with national veterinary associations 

  • Growing WSAVA regions and Board to be more globally representative

  • Advantages of having an annual World Congress: this year is Suzhou, PRC

  • Responsibly increasing staff to lessen workload of volunteers

  • Developing a strategic plan and Board governance training

Richard Casey, Executive Director, World Small Animal Veterinary Association

12.10pm Roundtable Discussions

Attendees will have group discussions at their tables regarding how the governance and structure issues raised at Associations Conference London impact upon their association.

12.30pm LUNCH

1.30pm Challenges of building a global profession for English teachers though IFTE

Andy Goodwyn is a dedicated English teaching professional who has devoted significant time to his association whilst becoming a respected practitioner and academic. Professor Goodwyn will share his thoughts on:

  • The importance of recognising teaching as a profession

  • Why teaching associations may struggle compared to other professional bodies

  • How accreditation and the Chartered Teacher designation have evolved

  • The success of the UK body: National Association for the Teaching of English

  • National co-ordination via the Subject Association Network

  • Reinvigorating the global IFTE body – and how to fund it.

Prof Andy Goodwyn, President, International Federation for the Teaching of English

1.55pm Restructuring ADS Group governance - with a successful outcome

ADS Group is the trade organisation representing the aerospace, defence, security and space industries in the United Kingdom, with over 1300 member companies. Through a subsidiary, ADS run various events including the Farnborough International Airshow. Christina Smith will explain ADS’ restructure in 2023 including:

  • Confirming to the Board that they have legal statutory responsibilities – it’s more than an industry discussion group

  • Reducing the Board from circa 25 to 15 people while retaining geographic representation

  • Amending the Articles of Association

  • Greater Board efficiency, focus and delegation as an outcome

  • Introducing a Board Effectiveness Survey to identify improvements and any gaps on the skills and experience of the Board

  • Advantages of having a lawyer as company secretary

Christina Smith , Director – Legal and Company Secretary, ADS Group

2.20pm How Automate UK grew from a trade show to an authoritative voice

In 1987 a trade show was established to compete with a Reed event. From this humble beginning, Automate UK’s mission is now to ensure automation is at the heart of manufacturing. Long serving strategist Ian Jardine will share:

  • Why commercial necessity led to Processing & Packaging Machinery Association

  • How and why Automate UK is successful at trade shows

  • British Automation & Robot Association and UK Industrial Vision Association joining the fold

  • International linkages to Australia’s APPMA and USA’s PMMI

  • Metamorphosis from PPMA into Automate UK in 2023

  • Our in-house charity: Automate Best

  • Improved governance and delegation to a CEO

Ian Jardine, Company Secretary, PPMAAutomate UK

2.45pm Open Forum


3.30pm Principles of good association governance

With her career commencing at blue chip corporate advisory firms, Kathy Nguyen now has over experience 20 years in association management and governance in Australia and the UK. Kathy will share universal commentary on governance, including:

  • Why structure matters – the scope, reach and membership of your association

  • Understanding the role of members.

  • The buck stops with the Board, so composition and term limits are important.

  • Tips for excellent Articles of Associations – your vital internal rules

  • Having a sensible, practical, and realistic plan – and letting the CEO implement it.

Kathy Nguyen, Senior Lawyer, Governology

3.50pm Associations navigating in diverse global contexts: learnings from World Physiotherapy

Tracy Bury has thirty years’ experience in national and global associations. She understands the needs of internal and external stakeholders to drive results focused on purpose. Tracy will share her experiences regarding:

  • Understanding and responding to cultural complexity – internationally as well as in the UK

  • Strategies to address differences and succeed when cultures collide

  • Necessary personal skills – including listening and negotiating

  • Getting the best out of people to deliver positive change

  • The benefits of intentional collective action and collaboration

Tracy Bury, Interim CEO, World Physiotherapy and CEO/Founder of Operandi Consulting

4.15pm Professionalising the computing profession: the BCS experience and outcomes

BCS, The Chartered Institute of IT, established 1957, has 70,000 members in 150 countries and its agenda is to lead the IT industry through ethical challenges, support the people who work in the industry and to make IT good for society. Holly Porter will share thoughts on:

  • Structure of being a charity with a Royal charter

  • Challenges of being a community of business leaders, educators, practitioners and policy-makers

  • Raising standards of competence and conduct across the IT industry

  • Defining a profession in a field influenced by technological developments and commercial imperatives

  • How to pivot your association to reflect the needs of the industry

  • Utilising expert external research

Holly Porter, Managing Director – Institute at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

4.40pm Bringing structure and governance together to advance associations

Association consultant John Peacock will recap of the presentations and take away points from a day talking about association structures and governance:

  • Why structure and entities matter

  • The need to quality key documents

  • Board composition matters and influences culture

  • Professionalism for volunteers: training your trustees

John Peacock AM, Director, Governology


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