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Providing Governance Advice to Associations

United Kingdom & Australia

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Providing Governance Advice to Associations 

 United Kingdom & Australia 

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Governology is a governance advisory firm dedicated to assisting associations and charities. We operate in the UK and Australia, and we are a law firm in Australia.

We advise boards and senior management on governance, structures, constitutions, tax, mergers and other practical matters unique to associations and charities.
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Associations are mutual or charitable organisations that exist to advance their purpose as stated in their Rules, Articles or Constitution. They have members yet never have shareholders as no financial returns can be received from being a member. Typically, the sector is called 'not-for-profit', however, it is increasingly called 'for-purpose' as it is appropriate to make a profit which must be retained within the association.
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Upcoming Events
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Association Conference

London 2024

Friday 12 July

Join senior leaders to discuss structural, governance and leadership issues in membership associations and not-for-profits

30 May 2024

Principles of Association Governance

12 June 2024

Practical & Successful Association Strategic Plans

24 June 2024

Association and Charity Mergers

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Our Services
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Organisational Structures
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Thank you so much for our governance training and strategic discussion. This has helped our board massively and is very valuable


Vera Meeusen, National President, Australian College of Perianaesthesia Nurses (ACPAN)

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Thank you again Governology

for all your assistance – you have made the process very easy and smooth.


Wayne Lange, General Manager - Operations, Caravan & Camping Industry Association NSW (CCIA NSW)

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Latest News
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40 Tips for Association Boards

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Constitutions – The Foundations of Good Governance

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